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Port Townsend Boatyard Bitter

Posted by dugpark on September 8, 2008

A fine summer day at the end of the season compelled me to partake of various and sundry brews tonight.  Port Townsend Boatyard Bitter happened to be one of them.  Another fine showing from the good folks at Port Townsend.  This was one of two tonight and took the cake.

In a sentance: Boatyard Bitter combines the fine hoppiness of a good IPA with the more mellow tastes of an ESB to create a balanced concoction with a fine nose, body, and finish.

It poured a nice, minimal head with an amber color and high viscosity… you could see the bubbles struggling a little against the Bitter… fighting their way to the top.  The nose was hoppy and sweet with a similar body and a bitter aftertaste that didn’t hit too hard.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again

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Dick’s Best Bitter

Posted by dugpark on August 4, 2008

My second Dick’s Brewery beer in a row… Dick’s Best Bitter comes to us from the top shelf where other Dick’s beers are pushing to the back, trying to hide from the inevitable.  This brew couldn’t escape and I am kind of glad to have it out of the fridge, to be honest…

While Dick’s has done pretty good on the blog so far, this one took them a step back.  I really wasn’t impressed with it and had a hard time finishing the bottle.  I was in the mood… I had just enjoyed the Dick’s Pale Ale and was ready for another of their fine offerings when this one came along.  What I don’t read on their website is how sweet this is.  It is uncannily sweet, which throws me off.  I want it hoppy and bitter, damn it, like a good ESB should be.  I don’t want it offset.  Keep it blunt, please…

Good amber color, medium head, hoppy nose, light body, and super-sweet finish.  The last of which keeps this from making it to my fridge again. 

Sometimes you have to take one step back to move two steps forward the saying says… lets see if that is the case for Dick’s. :)

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road

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Henry Weinhards Belgian Style Wheat

Posted by dugpark on July 13, 2008

Second beer of the night last night didn’t fare that well, either.  Henry Weinhards Belgian Style Wheat was new to me a while back, so I picked up a bottle to try.  Description from their website as follows:

Belgian Style Wheat is as refreshing as a beer can be. Try topping it with a wedge of citrus to complement its aromatic Cascade hops and its hints of orange and coriander. Light and crisp, it’s just what you need to keep cool during strenuous Northwest days spent hiking, boating or just plain basking.

While I agree with them that this genre of beer can be very refreshing, I absolutely don’t agree that Henry’s is the one to bring home the big bucks in this style. 

Overall, it was no where near what I would expect from a “belgian style wheat”.  It was bitter and lacked any semblence of belgian yeast.  I actually had a hard time drinking it but kept going on my endless search for good taste… hoping it would get better as it warmed up.  Nope.  No.  No better.  Not sure if it was too much coriander or not, but the orange was non-existent and the taste just wasn’t good.

Hopefully never again…

JBB6 Rating: Just Not Right


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