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Grand Teton Brewing Bitch Creek ESB

Posted by dugpark on March 30, 2009

One of the first brews of our trip, Grand Teton Brewing Bitch Creek ESB comes to you from Victor, ID… not more than 60 miles from where I grew up.  Such fond memories… although I have never been to the creek the beer is named for… Anyhow, the description on their page is pretty good… this is a pretty big brew from a little Idaho brewery and one that I will be coming back to for sure.  It pours very heady and dark amber in color.  A tad bit yeasty with definite malt on the nose… the malt and hops mix to almost give a dark hop flavor on the body with the malt sitting just under the surface of a roiling hop surface.  Overall a really solid beer that started the trip off right!

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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Deschutes Bachelor ESB

Posted by dugpark on December 20, 2008

Another one that has been in the fridge for a while… Deschutes Bachelor ESB comes to me not knowing that it is the first ESB I have had in a long while.  After drinking the brew, it makes me wonder why that is… this is a great style that has some of the best traits of an IPA balanced with a brown or an amber just enough to mellow it out a little.  Deschutes delivered here and didn’t dissapoint… thanks!    The pour is an orange-amber color and produces an ok head. The body is bitter with the hops but not to any extreme… the malt definitely balances it out and keeps it sane.  The finish is bitter and peppery and ends up leaving me feeling like I had a nice dark IPA with a light roasty finish.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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Welsh ESB

Posted by dugpark on August 11, 2008

Never heard of these folks… never seen the bottle.  But man am I glad Brent brought this over the other night.  This one made up for the Ayinger Ur-Weisse… <shudder>

Welsh ESB surprised me.  I don’t think I have ever tasted a fruity ESB, but this one was most definitely there.  While Brent tasted caramel, I could not stop tasting banana… it was nearly overpowering but stopped just short.  Overall, the fruit and hops mixed really well to bring home one of the best ESBs I think I have ever had.  I am going to bring some of this home again to see if I can recreate the experience.

Interesting website experience for these folks.  The one linked above is the importer, Thames America.  The brewery is actually The Felinfoel Brewery in the UK and has quite a history.  If you get a chance, go to their website and check it out…

JBB6 Rating: For the Win

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Dick’s Best Bitter

Posted by dugpark on August 4, 2008

My second Dick’s Brewery beer in a row… Dick’s Best Bitter comes to us from the top shelf where other Dick’s beers are pushing to the back, trying to hide from the inevitable.  This brew couldn’t escape and I am kind of glad to have it out of the fridge, to be honest…

While Dick’s has done pretty good on the blog so far, this one took them a step back.  I really wasn’t impressed with it and had a hard time finishing the bottle.  I was in the mood… I had just enjoyed the Dick’s Pale Ale and was ready for another of their fine offerings when this one came along.  What I don’t read on their website is how sweet this is.  It is uncannily sweet, which throws me off.  I want it hoppy and bitter, damn it, like a good ESB should be.  I don’t want it offset.  Keep it blunt, please…

Good amber color, medium head, hoppy nose, light body, and super-sweet finish.  The last of which keeps this from making it to my fridge again. 

Sometimes you have to take one step back to move two steps forward the saying says… lets see if that is the case for Dick’s. :)

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road

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Redhook Blonde Ale

Posted by dugpark on April 20, 2008

The beer fridge is officially on line and in production.  That being the case, I had to stop by the store and get some filler beer to make sure I had something for folks to drink if they came over.  I have designated a shelf for my tasting and the rest of the fridge will be for general consumption.  Seems to be working so far, although I am going to make a sign just to be double sure.

One of the beers I purchased tonight was Redhook Blonde Ale.  I love Redhook and I have been a fan of their ESB ever since I had it, but I haven’t ventured out into the other ales much.  So this and their IPA were sitting at the gas station and I thought that would be a good start to the fridge.

A job well done, if I must say so myself.  Redhook’s Blonde Ale is a solid blonde with plenty of mild flavored goodness for a chilly spring day.  I enjoyed it while the kids played in the cul-de-sac, sipping back 2 or three and giving neighbors some of my other beer stock.  All in all, the mild flavor and gentle kick of hops and malt brought this one home for me and made it hit the spot.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again

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Redhook ESB

Posted by dugpark on January 17, 2008

Perhaps one of the greatest beers ever crafted, Redhook ESB makes it onto the blog tonight.  A fine brewery and a fine beer… the perfect mix of hoppiness and smooth, smooth beer love.  Not too strong, not too light and with just the right alcohol content.

 Even better on tap, but out of the big bottle and into a mug tastes mighty fine, as well.  Also great for boiling some bratwurst before you put it on the grill, as well… trust me.

Bottle and pour:

redhook-esb.gif    redhook-esb-pour.gif

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