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Rogue Dad’s Little Helper

Posted by dugpark on September 26, 2008

I must admit… I had my reservations heading into this one.  Malt liquor simply has negative connotations where I am from and I didn’t think this was going to change my mind.  In the end, though Rogue came through… never should have doubted, and Rogue Dad’s Little Helper turned me into a fan of the style… at least when it is done like this.  That doesn’t make me want to go out and buy an OE 40oz or anything, but I think I will definitely be more open to trying it in the future.

It smells very malty, so much that it put a worried crease in my brow… but the flavor was crisp, clean, and you could really distinguis the malt… It helped that we were enjoying this on a hot summer afternoon while standing around the BBQ and watching the kids play in the water… the environment was perfect.

Thanks to Brent “The Belly” for his contribution, yet again, to the blog.  Brent, you are a gentleman and a beer drinker and we thank you for that. :)

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again

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Bear Republic Big Bear Stout

Posted by dugpark on September 7, 2008

This… this is a fine stout: Bear Republic Big Bear Stout.  On a night where we tasted 5 or 6 new porters and stouts, this one stood out.  Fed it to the neighbors, even, and they liked it just as much.  All of the goodness that a big stout should have… roasted malt, chocolate, caramel… it was all there, including an 8.1% ABV. 

Poured dark and heady (although the picture shows it after it died down), this one had a fine complexity that has to come from the ingredients and brewing process as described on the site.  Check it out for a detailed description.

Thanks to Bear Republic for a fine, fine brew.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again

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Anderson Valley Brewing Company 20th Anniversary Imperial IPA

Posted by simonpo on May 12, 2008

Wandering the aisles of my local supermarket in search of inspiration for Mother’s Day dinner, I was distracted for a happy half-hour by the extensive and extravegant selection of ales on offer. Hard to make a decision… so, throwing caution to the winds, I dropped a bunch of bottles into my cart. And what a fine decision that was – for after a particularly crappy Saturday, this was exactly the pick-me-up the doctor ordered.

Brewed by the Anderson Valley Brewing Company out of Boonville, CA (another spot I need to put on the map for my summer road-trip), this Imperial IPA pours a golden, glorious sunset-orange pint (and more) that calls out to be drunk in a happy, sunny sitting. With a fantastically bright, sharp and citrus aroma, it fills you with a hoppy bitter hope for the future and a sense of well-being that only the cheekiest pint can provide.

Good times in a big brown bottle. As the first glass slides down, my attention turns to the label which like the psychedelic record sleeves of my misbegotten youth rewards deep contemplation. Bears with antlers, anyone?

The second glass lasts a little longer than the first; a little warmer and seemingly more lively now it’s had a chance to breathe, the sweeter malts and depth come forward and make for a mellow finish to the bottle. Or maybe that’s just down to the fact it’s got some decent legs in the alcohol department.

 Andrerson Valley Imperial IPA

Fruit, hoppy, big and bouncy – this is a fine and daring ale that’ll hit you round the head with a mouthful of hops and fruit. It left me wanting more than I know is good for me, and it’s really no wonder there’s a hop shortage at the moment, given what’s in here… amazing stuff.

About the only downside is the pretty hefty price – $5.99 at Whole Foods Market… gotta be cheaper elsewhere, though. So, if you see a bottle on the shelf, take it down, take it home, and make a new friend. Take two. Go out and do it now.

JBB6 Rating: For the Win


As we knew would happen from time to time, Po and I have overlapped in our tasting.  So… here is what I would like to add to this wonderful brew’s review:

I may have a new favorite brewery… at least for the time being.  Tonight’s special beer was the Anderson Valley Imperial IPA.  From the website:

“Also commemorating this special occasion, Anderson Valley Brewing Company will release their 20th Anniversary Imperial India Pale Ale (IPA) on February 2. This special brew, with its intense and complex flavors, is the proud result of decades of great beer-making, and comes in bottles and cases printed with a unique, colorful sunrise label. The 20th Anniversary Imperial Pale Ale is a limited edition brew and high demand is expected.”

I will be posting a potential Hall of Fame from these folks in the very near future, so I thought I would try something else from them.  This was picked up at Whole Foods in Bellevue the other day.

This anniversary IPA is probably one of the hoppiest and maltiest beers I have ever tasted.  I mean we have major pucker factor on this bad boy and it suits it well.  At 8%+ ABV, it packs a punch and doesn’t say its sorry, either.  With a clean finish, though, and an overall crisp taste, this solar powered beer is good to go!

JBB6 Rating: For the Win

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Hop Henge Imperial IPA

Posted by dugpark on May 1, 2008

So… I really shouldn’t have gone with a third new beer today, but I really wanted to try this one… and I needed something to drink when I came home from work today, so here we are. 

Hop Henge Imperial IPA

When I was at Malt & Vine, this was noted as one of the new releases they had received.  It was also from Deschutes Brewery which I happen to really enjoy, for the most part, and for which has done pretty good on the blog.  Another of their Bond Street Series, Hop Trip, was reviewed by Po a while ago and he really enjoyed it, so there you go.

I had a chance to share this with a couple of neighbors and both raved about it… in fact, one neighbor finished off the rest of the bottle for me. :) 

Taste wise, you absolutely can *feel* the hops hit you as you take a drink.  Very hoppy.  That might be a bad thing if the finish on this beer wasn’t super-solid.  I mean, usually that much hops will leave a really bitter aftertaste… while bitter is there, this one finishes it off really nice at the end… very graceful, in fact.  Color was perfect… golden amber with a good head on it.  Overall an outstanding beer that I will buy again… mark my words… :)

8.75% ABV – 95 IBU’s

Text on bottle:

“Who knows what inspired the ancients to build Stonehenge – or what inspired us to build Hop Henge in its likeness.  But build it we did, out of wrapped bales of whole-flower hops out on the brewery lawn.”

“Like the rest of the Bond street Series, Hop Henge highlights the creativity and curiosity of our brewers.  Bolder than its English ancestors, with huge hops and a bitter finish, this IPA is no wallflower.”

JBB6 Rating: For the Win

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JW Dundee’s Original Honey Brown

Posted by dugpark on May 1, 2008

Second beer to taste at beer o’clock today was JW Dundee’s Original Honey Brown.  I am a sucker for trying honey lagers and picked this up at QFC in Sammamish a week or two ago.  Sad to say this didn’t go much for me, but at least it was a decent beer.  Just not what I was expecting based on the title. 

JW Dundee’s is a brewery in New York that only makes 4 beers and this was their first… not bad, as noted, but just nothing really to write about.  Pretty standard brown… no real note of honey, 4.5% ABV.  No tipping either way toward malt or hops.  Just a real middle of the road kind of experience.  So far, honey beer on the site follows about this from a stack rank perspective:

  1. Cypress Honey Lager
  2. JW Dundee’s Original Honey Brown
  3. MacTarnahan’s Oregon Honey Beer

Still looking for that ultimate honey beer/lager, though…

9/14/08 UPDATE: Through further reading… discovered that this is actually a brand that falls under the Highfalls Brewing Company umbrella.  I am sure others in the area new this, but from 3000 miles away it just wasn’t clear right away. :)

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road

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BridgePort Old Knucklehead

Posted by dugpark on April 30, 2008

A weight was lifted today.  I made it through something that has been heavy on my mind and so, I wanted to cap it off with something a little more sophisticated than normal.  Ok… really… wine isn’t necessarily more sophisticated than beer (IMO), but it just sounds fancier, doesn’t it?

So, BridgePort Old Knucklehead graced my glass tonight.  Bridgeport Brewery hasn’t really done that great on this blog.  Their brown and their pale ale were just ok…  I might have to change my opinion, though, after tasting tonight’s beer.

This Old Knucklehead comes from a long tradition of Old Knuckleheads and I am proud to say that tonights (012) is the newest of the bunch… even newer than what they have on their website (011).  This version is slightly higher in alcohol content (10% ABV) and doesn’t have some guy on the front. 

As far as taste goes, Old Knucklehead is strong, very strong.  You can notice the it has “legs” when you swirl it around the glass.  I tasted it at 53.7 °F tonight and it had very strong malt and hops with what I swear is somewhat of a rice wine flavor to it.  Next time I should taste it with some sake…  Good head, great dark amber color.  A beer that you don’t guzzle… this one is meant to drink slow and for maximum enjoyment.  Overall a great beer.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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Quilter’s Irish Death

Posted by dugpark on April 29, 2008

Tonight was the night to open one of the stronger beers.  It has been a long week (only Tuesday, I know) and I need some of the hard stuff… at least something with some kick.  So, I reached for Quilter’s Irish Death from Iron Horse Brewery in Ellensburg, WA.  A somewhat local brewery that hasn’t been open for long, but can make a good tasting beer, that is for sure.

I learned a few things about this beer tonight.  First, it is a dark, malty stout beer with a smooth finish.  Second, that it goes rather well with Rice Krispie Treats.  Really…

Good pour, nice and dark but slightly transparent.  Good head for a stout.  Good smell… can smell the roastedness of the beer.  And the flavor, at 47.4 °F was just about right.  The malt is definitely there, which gives this one a good depth of flavor.  I note some slight chocolate undertones, as well.  Their descripion on the website says there are a bunch of ingredients, so that could be one of the reasons I had a hard time really pinning anything down.

Overall, a good beer.  In a land of good stouts, though, I don’t think they stand out that much, so I give them middle of the road. 

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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Lagunitas Imperial Red Ale (Limited Release)

Posted by dugpark on March 15, 2008

These breweries are killing me!  How, in this day and age, can you not have your beer on your website?  It boggles the mind.  Ah well… lets consider this the unofficial source until they get their act together… :)

Lagunitas Imperial Red Ale (Limited Release):

Text on bottle: “This special Ale is, in reality, a reconstructed exhumation of the very first ale that we ever brewed way, way, back in 1993.  Brewed with a big head, a muscular malty thorax, a silky texture & all strung together with a hoppy sweet nerve sack… yum.”

Dug’s Take: Pretty damn good beer.  Very strong and lives up to the words that were so elegently printed on the bottle.  I had this on a somewhat cold spring day, today (see pic below), and it warmed me right up.  Had it out of the bottle, so don’t know about the head but it definitely has some bite to it and is very malty/hoppy.

Good stuff.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again

lagunitas-imperial-red-ale.gif    315-spring-day.gif

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