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Dick’s Pale Ale

Posted by dugpark on August 3, 2008

I still have *a bunch* of Dick’s Brewing Company beer in my fridge from when I bought a random 12 pack at Top Food and Drug in Snohomish at least a month ago.  So I figure it is time to start getting through it.

Tonight, Dick’s Pale Ale was the first to be opened.  I wanted something a bit light to go with tacos and this one served up very well.  It had a very good mix of hops in it but the sweetness they mentioned actually balanced it out nicely.  A fairly strong pale ale, this one had a good crisp finish and an overall high drinkability. 

This makes the thrid Will Buy Again from Dick’s Brewing Company… we are on a roll!

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again

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Dogfish Head Aprihop

Posted by dugpark on July 5, 2008

Second pre-July 4th beer… and still barely catching up after mucho, mucho pyrotechnics last night.  Dogfish Head Aprihop was first tasted at the Washington Brewers Festival on Father’s Day.  Since that time, I have wanted to get a bottle or two and they had 4 packs at the Top Food and Drug in Snohomish, so there you go. 

As far as flavored ales go, this isn’t the most flavorful but that is ok.  It has a very, very subtle hint of apricot.  Luckily there is good, solid beer to back it up and so the overall experience is quite nice.  This isn’t the beer of your dreams, by any means, but it is good and tasty.  If you are willing to spend the ~$2.50 per bottle, not bad… because of that, though, I probably won’t buy it again.  That whole value for money thing gets you sometimes.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road

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