Murphy’s Stout

Ok… so… started the night with a beer I have seen many times at the good ol’ grocery store, but never purchased:  Murphy’s Stout.  To be honest, this was beer #1, #3, and #5.  It helped me keep from drinking all of the unique beer first.  Obviously meant to look like Guinness and I don’t know who came first (don’t really care), but they taste nearly identical.  Smooth, looks like it will be heavy, but surprisingly light.  I don’t get full on this stuff, so that is good.  Anyhow, I would buy this beer again if in the mood for Guinness-style… although I would just choose whatever is on sale, to be honest.

Pictures as follows: Can and pour.

murphys-stout.gif    murphys-stout-pour.gif


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2 Responses to Murphy’s Stout

  1. I found the beer to be very different from Guinness, with a slightly sweeter flavour. You can read about my impressions here (The Beer Diary)

  2. dugpark says:

    Thanks for the comment. I might have to do the side by side just to see if I can tell… nice blog, btw. Going on the blogroll now. 🙂

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