I thought a little beer from the other hemisphere would be good for a change, so I picked up some Steinlager.  Sure, I have had Fosters before and didn’t like it, but I thought the Kiwis could do a bit better than that.  I was wrong… it pretty much tasted like the same beer.  A bit off, not full of flavor and just overall not enjoyable.  I still finished it, but I won’t be buying it again.  I can tell you from experience, though, that this is better than one of the worst beers on the planet… Victoria Bitter (brought to you by Fosters, as well).  I had some on a trip to see a coworker at a fine establishment in Singapore and let me tell you… it haunts me to this day.  <shiver>

Bottle and pour:

steinlager.gif    steinlager-pour.gif

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4 Responses to Steinlager

  1. Peter Ericsson says:

    Ha! We must have very different taste buds. I simply couldn’t get enough of this rather commercial beer while in New Zealand. Tastes so much better then Australian beers plus much cheaper in NZ then in Australia. Easily the best lager I had in NZ.

  2. dugpark says:

    Now, given the right context, this may have a better review. But… if you tasted this in the same week as Pilsner Urquell, you would have to rate it pretty low… 🙂

  3. I’m surprised you didn’t like it, I’m a huge fan. It doesn’t try and hide the fact that it is actually beer, which a lot of the newer commercial beers are doing. Even Steinlager Pure (it’s newer cousin) is kind of “watering down” the flavour.

  4. dugpark says:

    I am thinking this might be one of those beers you need to have while in the actual country itself… If I ever make it down there, I will try it for sure and see if my opinion changes. 🙂

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