Beck’s Dark

Ah… a long hard day in the office, a good night with the kids and a trip to Fred Meyer and I am ready for a cold one.  Tonight’s choice happens to be a beer I have seen many times but never tried and boy am I glad I tried this time.  Beck’s Dark has to be one of the top beers of the week.  I didn’t really expect much out of it, but it had a great pour with a strong head and as I took my first drink, I found myself amazed at how easy it went down.  Very, very refreshing and smooth.  And the best part… hardly noticable aftertaste.  A dark beer you could enjoy any day of the year.

I will absolutely be buying this again, as it really hits the spot.  

 Bottle and pour:

becks-dark.gif    becks-dark-pour.gif

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One Response to Beck’s Dark

  1. I recently noticed the Becks art promotion as well. It’s a strange way to promote your beer! You can read my thoughts here (The Beer Diary).

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