Hop Trip

Encouraged by my friend and co-conspirator to dabble with a little drinking in the afternoon, I looked deep into my soul, had a quiet word with my conscience, checked that the kids weren’t in imminent danger, and – after a bit of a wrestle with the easily-defeated spirit of goodness – lifted a lightly-chilled bottle of the Deschutes Brewery’s retro-looking Hop Trip from the door of my refrigerator.  

And let me say right now – what a great move that was. “Hop Trip” is a fine mouthful of a Pale Ale, clearly brewed with way more than a sprinkling of nature’s finest ingredient and a healthy helping of beer-love from the brewmaster. Everso slightly cloudy amber looks complement a slap on the nose from those flowers, and taste that leaves you refreshed but wanting more. Highly highly recommended.

Hop Trip

**UPDATE** Bought this the other night and had a chance to take a new picture.  Enjoy!!

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One Response to Hop Trip

  1. dugpark says:

    Ah… I can see we have a writer on our hands. A much more eloquent portrayal of your beer experience than I have been up to… very refreshing. 🙂 Where did you happen to pick up this fine beverage?

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