Bass Pale Ale

Last beer of the week… hoping it would blow my mind but was dissapointed.  Ah well… tops off a disappointing week, to be honest.

Bass Pale Ale makes it to this post and let me say, I wasn’t super impressed.  It was a good pale ale, but nothing to go on about.  Prett standard on the look, smell, had a good head, but taste-wise just wasn’t a stand out.  It wasn’t one of those beers that you think… oh man… i wish I had 3 more. 

At least the Chocolate Ugly Cake we made was awesome!  If you haven’t tried this stuff, I highly, highly recommend it.

**UPDATE** – Chocolate Ugly Cake link is working again… yay!

Beer, pour, and ugly cake:

bass-pale-ale.gif    bass-pale-ale-pour.gif    ugly-cake.gif


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