Widmer Brothers Drop Top Amber Ale

God I love this beer.  Had it the other day on tap at a kid’s birthday party and have been thinking about it ever since.  Ok… just since Saturday, but still.  Widmer Brothers Drop Top Amber Ale… near perfection.

 What a great flavored beer.  Perfect mix of hops… not too bitter.  Good, solid aftertaste.  Goes down extremely smooth.  I could drink this all night and probably will.  Found it at Safeway… not sure if Freddies carries it, to be honest.

Bottle and pour:

widmer-brothers-drop-top-am.gif    widmer-drop-top-amber-pour.gif


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3 Responses to Widmer Brothers Drop Top Amber Ale

  1. Ann says:

    Hey. I’m not sure if you will get a notification of my comment since you posted 4 months ago, but I’m in search of a place I can buy this beer and have it sent to me in Atlanta, GA. I don’t think I can do that through the brewery if I remember correctly b/c I have been trying to figure this out on and off for a year now and just could not locate a place/way to get it in Atlanta. I know I even called some Georgia distributors of Widmer beer…but none had Drop Top Amber Ale. My Husband visited Portland, drank this beer, and has been raving about it and wanting to get it for a year now! I’d love to surprise him with some! Any help you can provide would be incredible! I don’t know where the Safeway is that you found it, but I doubt anywhere in the Southeast. Thanks!

    • dugpark says:

      You have done a pretty good job of checking with your local sources… if your distributors can’t get it, you might be out of luck. Have you checked with any specialty beer stores? If you can find one of the beer stores that sells, say, 1000 beers, they might have it… It does appear as though the online stores don’t sell to Georgia, so you are out of luck there. I do have one more idea, but you have to email me directly for that one… 🙂 dugpark@hotmail.com

      Good luck!

  2. Darryl Carrigan says:

    Where do I purchase a keg of Drop Top for my retirement party?

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