Hale’s Ales Moss Bay Extra

What a day… here I am, 1:22pm driving to Fred Meyer because I have no beer and the Seahawk game is about to start.  I rush in, grap a bunch of the big bottles and on my way to the counter realize two things.  First, I need something I can stick with through the game and second, I need something to munch on.  So I grab some Hale’s Ales Moss Bay Extra (I like to try the local stuff when I can) and some Doritos Collisions and I am good… to… go!

A get to the car, hop in and turn on am 710 and hear that the Seahawks just went up 14 to nothing.  I figure it will be a good day of beer drinking and football… something I only do about twice a year, quite honestly.

Well, I won’t bore you with the details.  Obviously the Seahawks got completely trounced and I didn’t drink enough to not care, so things went downhill fast.  The 5 I did have were pretty good.  I remember thinking that my first drink tasted a bit like a stout… somewhat smokey and roasted.  A very strong beer, but good flavor and no bad aftertaste.  I would buy it again.

My only saving grace for the night was a couple of hours on Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox 360 for the first game.  Amazing… enough so that I am going to go take care of a little more of that fine gaming goodness.  Later!

Beer and pour:

hales-ales-moss-bay.gif    hales-ales-mossbay-pour.gif


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