Deschutes Brewery Buzzsaw Brown Ale

Been a long day.  No mug.  No long and drawn out explanation.  Just one beer and my thoughts…

Deschutes Brewery Buzzsaw Brown Seasonal Ale is hard to put a finger on.  While it tastes pretty good, it has something about it that seems just a little off.  Another drink… yep… something not quite right.

It tastes fine in the mouth, but there is a bit of an aftertaste that throws me off.  Hard to describe, but something almost chemical… maybe I should have had it out of the mug after all.

I am generally a big fan of Deschutes but this one won’t be purchased again.

**UPDATE** I didn’t check the blog first and ended up buying this again even though I said I wouldn’t… shame on me but good test to see if my taste has changed.  It hasn’t.  My notes are pretty similar acctually: fruity nose, weird tang to the body, too light, trying to be hoppy but not succeeding.

JBB6 Rating: Just Not Right



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