Widmer Hefeweizen

A beautiful Tuesday evening with a bit of snow on the ground and a late dinner.  Today was a fine beer day.  Two different work sponsored events with beer as the beverages makes Dug a happy boy…

Lunch = Beer and pizza

Dinner = Beer and apps and then dinner

I missed the trifecta… next time the moons align like this I will have to make sure I have beer with breakfast somehow, as well.

The beer of choice tonight was Widmer Hefeweizen.  I think I am turning into a Hefe fan… This is the second one I have had that I would highly recommend.  Although that Pyramid Hefe has to still be #1 in my book.  Still, Widmer did a fine job and I think they are less expensive, too… 🙂

**UPDATE** I just had Pyramid’s Hefeweizen and realized in looking up Widmers that this was so early as to not have a rating… that is a poor shame since it needs to be on the For the Win list for sure.  May even need to go in the Hall of Fame, but I need to discuss with Po first.  So here you go:

JBB6 Rating: For the Win

Beer and pour together:



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