Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

A sneaky treat, this… and definitely one worth having.

The two friends you see below had been hanging out in Dug’s fridge for quite some time, and today was the day they were brought forth, set free from their dark and dreary imprisonment to shine in our midst for a few glorious moments. Lighting up the gloomy winter afternoon like a star guiding wise men across parched and dusty desert lands, the brewmasters of Sierra Nevada brought a happy mid-week smile and some well-deserved good cheer to your trusty companions.

A bitter, bitter aroma and some strong hops are the first impression, one that doesn’t fade despite the earthen malty undertones that sneak onto the palate after the inital hop hit fades. There’s an undercurrent of something here too. Bread, perhaps? Definitely something warm and homely about it, something that makes you feel comfortable and happy just to have it in your hand. Perhaps it’s the 6.8%ABV working it’s magic.

This is an amazing beer – despite the “2007” on the label, beer of the year so far. I know that ain’t saying much given my consumption levels to date, but I bet it stays in the top 5.


This was done before we had the JBB6 system… now that we have it, I am updating with the rating, a few more comments, and a new picture.

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

Big head.  6.8% ABV.  Honey brown color.  Hoppy smell – clean smell.  Mild hops – mild body.  Smooth finish.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


No pour, for we supped direct from the bottle like the plebs we are. I bet it looks beautiul though. It should do.

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One Response to Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

  1. dugpark says:

    Ah yes… it warms my heart just thinking back on this fond, fond memory. A fine beer indeed.

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