Newcastle Brown Ale

I have been here… really… Newcastle, UK.  About two years ago we took a business trip out that way.  All I really remember was another traveling Dug dancing step for step straight out of Footloose and some mechanical bull

Now, for the beer… what sweet nectar this Newcastle Brown Ale.  I am surprised I didn’t have any of this so I could have at it in its natural habitat… ah well.  Next time for sure.  This is a really good brown ale.  Rolls down the tongue nice and smooth, refreshing all the way.  Perfect for after a long day in a conference room with no windows and no fresh air… ugh. 

Beer and pour:

newcastle-brown-ale.gif    newcastle-brown-ale-pour.gif


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I'm really just happy to be here on this wild ride we call life.
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One Response to Newcastle Brown Ale

  1. simonpo says:

    Oh, man… a pint of Dog! Funny, the things that make you homesick. This is one of them, for it is a fine fine pint indeed.

    It’s a little-known fact that it is actually a crime to visit Newcastle and not have drunk it there.

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