Antares Kolsch

Most nights we had the good old stand-byes that seem to frequent most of the restaurants and bars in Argentina… Corona or Heineken.  Neither of these are strangers to my stomach and I was perfectly content in drinking many, many of these each night with dinner and afterwards.  Enough was enough, though… it was time to try the local stuff.  If I didn’t, I am pretty sure Po wouldn’t talk to me when I came back.

First off on the list of Argentina beers tasted = Antares Kolsch.  While this wasn’t necessarily a bad beer, I definitely wouldn’t put it on the top of my list.  In fact, out of three tried, this was number 3 for sure.  Two things.  a. it wasn’t memorable  b. it simply tasted off, compared to what I usually drink.  Something about the aftertaste that just didn’t sit quite right.  Almost like a sweet sourness.

Regardless of the taste, this was the first of many beers that night… I can say the night improved as we tried several others that will soon be posted, as well.

Thanks to Paula, Eli, and Claudio for the fine time that night!! 🙂




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