Barq’s Root Beer

Ok… per my previous post, today did not equal a good day.  My bad behaviour last night kept me from enjoying any “cold ones” today.  I was still able to have some beer… but I had to go with the “root” variety.  So, this won’t happen much, but here is my root beer reviewfor Super Bowl Sunday…

Barq’s Root Beer is a darn fine root variety beer.  Dark in color with a frothy light head, Barq’s will quench the pallate when other beers won’t.  It was especially good with the Garlic Jim’s pizza we had for the big day today. 

There will definitely be room in my fridge for Barq’s in the future…



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4 Responses to Barq’s Root Beer

  1. gary says:

    can i have a 2liter bottle of barqs root beer

  2. Brad says:

    Here, Here! Barq’s is the best!

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