Quilmes Bock

No beer tonight… that is 2 days in a row.  Not sure what is happening to me.

Good thing I have my reserves.  Second Argentina beer on the blog.  This was also the second beer of the night that one crazy night about 2 weeks ago…

Quilmes Bock was a good beer.  A hearty little beverage that had good flavor and a solid aftertaste.  Quilmes is one of the premier breweries in Argentina.  As noted by our friends at Wikipedia, it takes about 75% of the beer market in the country!  An old brewery with German roots that has a South American nuance to it.  More on Quilmes when I get to their best known lager…



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2 Responses to Quilmes Bock

  1. Axel says:

    Unfortunately, Shiner Bock is flat. It doesn’t taste that bad, but it desperately needs carbonation.

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