Sapporo!!  These guys have a cool website.  Right up there with the Peroni site.

A bit of Dug history with Sapporo… the year was 2003.  My first trip overseas and headed to Manila in the Phillippines.  On this trip, I was introduced to the coolest automatic beer dispenser I had ever seen in the Tokyo – Narita business class lounge (picture below).  In fact, check out this video for exactly what I am talking about! 

I am still in awe of this wonderful machine and from that day forward have always had a very high regard for Sapporo. 

Now, about tonight… I am starting to run out of singles at the grocery store… I have tasted them all.  This was the only one that was respectable that I hadn’t tried, so down it goes.  Always a good, light, clean and refreshing taste.  Went well with the broccoli soup we had. 

Beer and machine:

sapporo.gif    sapporo-auto-pour.gif


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