Sam Smith’s Famous Taddy Porter

As black and peaty as a night on the Yorkshire moors, Sam Smith’s Taddy Porter brings to mind dark Victorian railways, forbodeing fog-shrouded ruins, howling hounds (of the Baskerville variety) and our old beer-drinking friend in the deerstalker, Sherlock Holmes. How appropriate, then, that the last time I remember drinking this was in the Princess Louise in Holborn, back in 1993 when I used to spend every day in a dark smoky pub somewhere in London. Fine little boozer, the Princess Louise – look her up for me if you’re ever in that neck of the woods…

Fifteen years, good grief – too long to wait for another taste of this fine black pint, with it’s deep chocolate head and an undercurrent of burnt toast that lets you know you’re onto something a little bit different.  Malty, too. I like that in a beer.

 Sam Smith’s Taddy Porter

Whether it can compete with the Hawaiian version that Doug’s been raving about I don’t know yet, but it’s gonna be interesting to compare.

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