Mississippi Brewing Company Mississippi Mud Black & Tan

The beer de jour just happens to be one of the most elusive beers on the web.  While there are plenty of sites that have the Mississippi Brewing Company noted, none have current links.  Their Mississippi Mud Black & Tan beer is also curiously absent.  If you can find a real, legitimate, official web site for these folks, I will dedicate my next beer to you…

So… how was it?  Well, not bad actually.  I have always seen this quart sized jug in the stores and just never been around to buy it.  So, now that we have this little blog thing going, I thought it was overdue.  The beer itself has a good color.  It is a mix between a porter and a pilsner and has a light brown look.  It has a good, solid head on it that lasted some time, as well.  The flavor was strong but not overpowering and it didn’t burn the throat as it went down.  Not heavy at all, this one was super-easy to drink.

9/14/08 UPDATE: Thanks to one of our commentors, we now know a bit more.  This beer is actually brewed by the same folks that make Arizona Tea brand products.  Still no website, but we are closer!  Good info here: http://www.answers.com/topic/ferolito-vultaggio-sons

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


Since I can’t find a website for this, here is the description on the back:

“Dating back to 18th century England, the custom of blending pale and dark beers has kept the “Black & Tan” a favorite of experienced beer drinkers for centuries.  Our famous recipe combines a robust English Porter with a fine Continental Pilsner, preserving the character of each, while creating the classic taste of the legendary “Black & Tan”.  In true American style, we bring you the best of both beers as they meet in Mississippi Mud.”

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46 Responses to Mississippi Brewing Company Mississippi Mud Black & Tan

  1. John White says:

    I haven’t seen this beer in quite a long while, around here(San Antonio, TX). This is a really good brew!! I sure do miss it.

  2. dugpark says:

    yeah… this was surprisingly good and it comes in a bottle that chicks dig, too. 🙂 ok… maybe not that part, but I agree that this is tasty stuff.

  3. flipr says:

    love this stufff beeon gone from arkansas for a while. someone help!!!!

  4. dugpark says:

    LOL… wonder if you can find this on the internet… have you tried searching for someone that will ship it to you? Dug

  5. namron says:

    You may have already found this, but it’s available at finewinehouse.com. They have it in 32oz bottles, but the shipping may be prohibitive. I tried this beer while visiting in Tenn. and really liked it. I’m from Oregon and have yet to find it available anywhere in this area.

  6. dugpark says:

    Outstanding tip. I think I picked this bottle up at QFC in Sammamish, WA… that is a bit of a drive for out of staters, but might be fun! 🙂

    • Phoenix says:

      Haggen also sells Mississippi Mud. I picked up a bottle a few weeks ago since I was tired of the beer I had been drinking and everything since has been pale in comparison.

  7. namron says:

    Sammamish . . . hm-m-m! We have kids that live in Puyallup, which is south of Sammamish, about even with Tacoma. We’re up there at least once a month. It may be worth taking a drive on up there. But if QFC in Sammamish had it, maybe some other WA QFC’s might carry it. I’ve found none around the Portland, OR area that have it. Thanks for the tip!

  8. dugpark says:

    No problem. Happy hunting!

  9. susan says:

    You can buy it @ the Sunoco Station in on Rose City Road in michigan

  10. Jerry O'Donnell says:

    Greetings: Interestingly, this beer is brewed by the same folks who make Arizona Iced Tea and related products. The Arizona brand was started by two brothers (whose names escapes me at the moment) who were/are beer distributors in the Philadelphia area. Try the Arizona website for a link to the beer.


    P.S. Does this qualify to hve your next tasting named in my honor?

  11. dugpark says:

    Jerry, we thank you. While I still cannot find a website for this beer, I think we are one step closer. The name of the company and the folks in charge are, Ferolito, Vultaggio & Sons… good information here: http://www.answers.com/topic/ferolito-vultaggio-sons.

    I think we are now obliged to taste in your honor. Thanks again!

  12. egs says:

    You can buy mississippi mud at central market in san antonio, tx

  13. glen bigness says:

    This used to be one of my favorite micro brews, strong taste and great smell not watery. I just was able to buy it here in S Florida again and its changed. Not as good, lighter taste, and I see its now mass brewed by Matts in Upstate NY…
    The way of the world I guess, don’t get me wrong its a good beer, just NOT what it once was…

  14. Markus says:

    is it possible to order this beer, and get it send to norway? i really want this beer.

  15. bird says:

    Mississipp mud can be found in just about every liquor store in south colorado, and the northern pan handle of Texas. Forget ordering it. It is illegel to ship beer. It is brewed by mississippi brewing Co. in Utica,New York. I’m from Mississippi,and it’s not available here. However It’s all I drink, when we go to Durango Colo. and the surrounding area. Excellent beer.

  16. boben says:

    i got a bottle of that same stuff right there as a decoration in my home

    its empty though but i got it

    hmm i live in mississippi didnt realise there was anything about it on the web XD

  17. boben says:

    the one i got has a cork as a cap not a metal cap like that one! :O

  18. Frankie says:

    here in socal its actually not so hard to find most quality liquor stores carry it but not everyone will though. i recommend it for a late night brew after all its hefty and fills you up fast

    • Matt says:

      Do you know what liquor stores carry it in San Diego? I used to see it around here and there, but recently I have been unable to find it….HELP!

  19. Jazmin says:

    I live in southern california and until recently I used to purchase mississippi mud in the jug at my local bev.mo. store. While on vacation up north a friend told me he couldn’t find it anywhere and upon returning home I stopped in at a bev. mo and they said they no longer carry it, to my dissapointment. I’ve been online searching and so far I heard trader joes may have it and kroegers in georgia, Just wondering if it’s been discontinued or if you may still find it elsewhere. I also heard they may have stopped selling it period in california? also has anyone heard of liquorama.com?

  20. Just Lynn says:

    My boyfriend and I had some Mississippi Mud some years ago now, then all of a sudden they stopped selling it. From the South Suburbs, Midlothian Illinois. What a waste, but I’m guessing it was a bit to expensive to buy, but it was worth it. That’s what the store owners were saying, so they couldn’t keep it, because of the cost. Also, I think a lot of people didn’t know about Mississippi Mud, maybe they should have advertised it more. Mississippi Mud, where the Hell are you! hazellynn224 September 2010

  21. bj says:

    You can get it a Trader Joes & BevMo

  22. Bob says:

    Mississippi Mud Black and Tan is probably the best beer I’ve tasted in American. It’s very similar to Kostritzer, a great German dark beer from the old East Germany. Maybe a touch more smokey. I found one bottle at HEB, they said it is distributed by Bud…so ask your HEB manager to order some. I would drink this beer just slightly chilled so you can taste the smokey flavor, and put it in a tall glass.

  23. MemphisBeerLover says:

    You can’t find a web site for Mississippi Brewing Co. because it doesn’t really exist. This beer is contract brewed by the Matt Brewing Co. in Utica, NY. They also make Saranac beers, which are pretty good, too. There might’ve been a brewery at one time, but then they closed and sold the recipe. Hope this provides some insight? I hope we’ll be getting it in TN pretty soon. 🙂

  24. Chuck says:

    While attending a family gathering, in February 2010, I had purchased my first case of Mississippi Mud at a local beer distributor in Western Pennsylvania. When I returned in August of the same year, I went back to the same beer distributor looking for more Mississippi Mud. The salesperson told me that the demand for the beer had dropped off and that they were no longer carrying it. Apparently, the company that made the glass jugs for the Mississippi Mud, went out of business and the demand for the beer had dwindled. To bad.

  25. andyfarina says:

    I would desire to know the original date of Mississippi Mud, and any info that accompanies the same. Thanks af

  26. andyfarina says:

    Date of original Mississippi Mud? Thanks af

  27. Mark says:

    They have it here in Yorkville.Illinois.

  28. Mark says:

    Yorkville is 40 or so miles west of Chicago by the by.

  29. Old Hippie says:

    I was so happy to find this again at Trader Joes! We tried this stuff maybe 15 or 20 years ago, loved it, and then it seemed to disappear. So I let my son try some, and this morning he brought me the bottle and said, “You know, this label looks weird like 3D stuff”. I put on some 3D glasses and what do you know, the label has 3D condensation drops and drips all over it!

    Unless it’s just printing misregistration. But it still is cool.

  30. DBo says:

    Great beer, my second favorite behind heniken.

  31. fred nolen says:

    I loved the gator on the jug, a bunch of guys from my church use to drink this every time we got together but our source dried up. Just reading about it makes me want to SIP on the best brew I have ever tasted. My wife tried every distributor locally for my birthday in august but nothing.

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  33. Seth says:

    You can find it in Portland, OR at Grocery Outlet. Heelllz yeah

  34. james gardiner says:

    I enjoy a plethera of beers,ales,reds,stouts,and porter’s witch are my favorite. Mississippi mud is an excelent brew. With a smoother porter taste. I just wish it was sold in more places. I live near utica,ny and would like to locate the actual brewery.

  35. I am looking for this beer “Mississippi Mud Famous Slow Brew Black & Tan”. I saw the bottle and most have. Can anyone tell me where I can find this beer in Oklahoma or near? Appreciate any help. Thanks

  36. Pantz Man says:

    If anyone is up for the drive, it turns out that its being sold out here in Sunnyvale California at one of my local 7-11 stores a few blocks up the road. Talk about convenience! I think their first shipment sold out in about three days, thanks in no small part to yours truly. Now here it is, a week later and what do you know? A full stock in the fridges again. At this rate I’ll have to take it slow to help make their stash last! Find the store at the corners of Mary and Evelyn Ave. and you shall find at the bottom of the beer racks where the swill of Budweiser, Coors, and Pabst Blue Ribbon grace the presence of a holy item that deserves, nay, requires its own shelf in the fridge, a row of 1 quart sized bottles of Mississippi Mud. Happy hunting/drinking!

  37. Robin Anderson says:

    According to this site:


    Mississippi Mud Black & Tan is brewed by The Matt Brewing Co. in New York, although when I went to their site, I could not find any evidence of it.

  38. MTaber says:

    I have 3 bottles of the great stuff in its collector jug. Fayetteville AR. Im putting them in a craigslist add in the Fayetteville area to see if I have some takers.

  39. lonesome crow feather says:

    How do I get a refund on empty bottles? Will the brewer in MI pay $0.10 per bottle as written on label?

  40. terryd says:

    It’s at Winco in McMinnville, OR for $2.88 a bottle. Like they said previously: Matt Brewing Co
    811 Edward St, Utica, NY 13502 (315) 624-2400

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