Miller Chill – Chelada Style

I am not sure if I am coming down with a cold or if my throat just hurts from playing a bit too much Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore… either way, I needed a cold, refreshing beverage that would help ease my pain.  Don’t ask why I choose Miller Chill Chelada Style, then, when I know I have an aversion to domestic macro-brews.  Ah well… water under the bridge.

As far as rating, goes, though… I am surprised to say that it isn’t that bad… really.  I thought the worst heading in, but I find that I can stomach this stuff.  While I wouldn’t put it in the ranks of Corona Extra, I would say that I wouldn’t turn it down if you offered it to me (unlike PBR… sorry Po).  It has a decent head on it, does have a hint of lime, doesn’t have a hint of salt, but overall is pretty tasty. 

Statistics from their website: 12 oz = 110 cal and 4.2% alcohol.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road



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One Response to Miller Chill – Chelada Style

  1. Mitchell says:

    Do they no longer make the Chelada style? I thought it was a Canadian/USA thing but we were in the States today and Only found the Miller Chill light, not the Chelada Style


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