While Hoegaarden may be steeped in history and garners a pretty large following, I don’t quite understand it.  I wonder if I am doing something wrong.  It could be that I don’t feel well or it could be that you are really supposed to drink this beer through the massive head that it garners… any way you look at it, though, this wasn’t what I would call a “great” beer.

It does have a unique look to it with the very light color and very tall, strong head.  I bought this as a backup beer in case I neede more than one… I am wishing I wouldn’t have.  Maybe it will be better during the day, though, or with a meal.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road

hoegaarden.gif  hoegaarden-pour.gif


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7 Responses to Hoegaarden

  1. simonpo says:

    Ohhhh, Hoegaarden! This is definitely and cquired taste – one that I picked up long, long ago at the Belgian beer hall in Notting Hill. Best drunk with a big fat bowl of chips and mayo on a warm summers day, you definitely have to be in the mood for it. You should give it another try in the summer.

  2. vinicultured says:


    You don’t like Hoegaarden? It’s a very good beer that is a safe bet at any bar–if they even have it.

    It IS pretty similar to Avery’s White Rascal–I think White Rascal probably has more body and character. Hoegaarden is lighter, definitely.

    Joon S.

  3. dugpark says:

    I blame this post on a couple of things… my ignorance and timing. This was my first venture, really, into anything white or Belgian and it took me off guard. I had been drinking IPAs and ambers, stouts and porters, etc. and then I picked this up… I am going to give it another try… really… I think I have acquired the taste and may change my mind. 🙂

  4. vinicultured says:

    I’ve definitely developed a much different taste throughout the years. As I wrote in my last post about Anchor Steam’s “Liberty Ale”, I’ve started going away from maltier beers to those with a decidedly more hoppy character. Interesting how our palates change.

  5. Peter Ericsson says:

    Oh, my, not again. This was definitely the TOP BEER on my visit to the US. Just couldn’t find it everywhere (still the shelves are full of variety in your stores only managed to bring a 6 pack with me home of a split of Tap Room 21 amber and Blue Moon Belgian style wheat, no Hoegaarden around)…..anyhow, this beer, hoegaarden simply took me by storm. I can get Erdinger Wheat Beer here (4$/pint) which is pretty good but this one topped it.

  6. dugpark says:

    Yeah… this is the second time I have taken lumps for this one. What can I say? I will have to tell you that if you liked this, there are some even better ones out there. If you get a chance, you really need to try the AVery White Rascal. Amazing.

  7. Smitty says:

    (An old post, but a good post.)Don’t beat yourself up over this one. I think Hoegaarden tastes vaguely of sausage frankly – too spicy and oddly thick for a beer that is supposedly a summer refresher. The White Rascal mentioned by others is only slightly less obnoxious and of the two, I’d probably order a White Rascal before I’d have a Hoegaarden. Now, as an example of its particular style, well I’m sure it’s grand, but that’s something else altogether, right?

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