Issaquah Brewery Bullfrog Ale

Take two for the Bullfrog Ale – I’ve had this hanging around in my refrigerator after a very disappointing experience with another bottle for a few weeks now, waiting for an opportunity to drop it into the middle of a session and ensure that my last experience with this noted beer was nothing but an aberration.

 Thankfully, it seems that “aberration” was indeed the case. My friends at the Issaquah Brewery have produced a pretty drinkable drop of beer with the Bullfrog, a slightly hazy golden cloud of wheaty goodness that’s quite acceptable as part of today’s proceedings. Amber in colour with a pleasant lemony flavour and a decent level of carbonation, this was more the beer that I remembered. Definitely one that will help liven up a spring afternoon or two in the immediate future, I think – but yet, but yet, nothing really outstanding, either.

I really do need to make more of having the Issaquah Brewery as a local… lunch is beckoning, so look for more reviews of on-tap Rogue beers in the near future.

**UPDATE** I had my bottle tonight and have to say I agree 100% with Po on this one.  Very middle of the road.  I was easily able to drink it all, but it just wasn’t special by any means. Lunch there still does sound good, though… but Rogue will be where it is at for sure.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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One Response to Issaquah Brewery Bullfrog Ale

  1. dugpark says:

    I have some of this very beer in my fridge… as you well know, since you were with me when I bought it. 🙂 Will have to have a taste-off and see if we come to the same conclusion.

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