Bitburger Premium Beer

Bitburger Premium Beer (click Ja if you are old enough then the EN is in the upper left portion of the page), comes to us from the lovely country of Germany where we have seen some pretty decent beers on this blog.  In fact, we haven’t rated lower than Will Buy Again for any of the three we have tasted… I would say Germany is doing well for themselves as far as this blog is concerned.

Bitburger has a very light look and taste but at 4.8% ABV, it isn’t too much of a slouch in the alcohol department.  It has a fullness flavor that I often miss in beer of its kind in the states, so it was a pleasant surprise after a long 12 hour day. 

I am especially fond of their Trading Units Page… an impressive array of options for purchasing, consuming, and storing Bitburger beer.  The next time I am in Germany, I will have to have some straight from the tap.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again



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  1. surat1736 says:

    I like Bitburger .

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