BridgePort Blue Heron Pale Ale

It has been a long week.  We have been working 12 hour days in an effort to address some business that needs to be taken care of and there just hasn’t been a lot of down time.  I basically work, come home and spend some limited time with the family, drink a beer and blog about it, then go to bed. 🙂 

So, I don’t feel bad in saying tonight was a good break from Diet Dr. Pepper with some tasty brews to go along with dinner.  The first of the night just happened to be BridgePort Blue Heron Pale Ale.  No glass to pour into, so you get the staight-out-of-the-bottle review. 

Overall, this Pale Ale gets a similar review to the one I provided of their BridgePort Beer Town Brown.  While it had flavor, the flavor just wasn’t anything spectacular.  It was super average with no distinguishing flavor and with random and undecidable undertones and aftertaste that just leave you feeling a bit like you have dry mouth. 

The best thing BridgePort has going for it so far is their labels are pretty kick-ass.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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