Pinkus Organic Ur Pils

Ladies and gentlemen, we are 5 for 5… that’s right, 5 of our 5 German beers that we have rated have been Will Buy Again or better.  Tonights wonderful German beer comes to us from Munster, Germany.  A wonderful little town that I have actually been to.  I don’t remember if I had Pinkus beer there, but the food, people, and beer were all very good and I look forward to future return trips.

Pinkus Organic Ur Pils was on the table tonight and appears to be an American version of the Pinkus Original Pils both of which are brought to us by the Pinkus Müller Brewery.  The web site is completely in German, but if you futz around with it enough you can get an idea of what they are all about. 

As far as the beer is concerned, it poors very nice with tight head and milky-cloudy complexion.  The cloudiness comes from the fact that it is unfiltered and actually gives it a bit of a hefeweizen look.  In fact, the taste is hefeweizen-like, as well with fruity undertones.  I tasted a hint of citrus and apricot in my glass.  Overall, this was a super-easy-to-drink beer with clean, crisp, and deep flavor that didn’t dissapoint.  Next time I am in Munster, I have to stop by the brewery and congratulate them on such a fine beer. 🙂

JBB6 Rating: For the Win



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