Shiner Bock

Ahhhh Shiner Bock.  A glorious bock beer.  Shiner is brought to us from a town of just over 2000 people by the same name.  A fine beer that has many pros and few cons. 

Pros: Not too dark, not too light.  Not too bitter, not too smooth.  Full flavor but not overwhelming.

Cons: Must be cold… for my liking, at least.  Reminds me too much of Amber Bock… a beer that I had at my bachelor party nearly 10 years ago and still have nightmares about…

Overall, Shiner Bock is a fine beer.  One that is just as good on draught as it is in the bottle or in a mug.  My buddy MFPC also tells us that it is a fine beer to boil bratwurst in, but I haven’t tried it yet… maybe this summer.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again



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12 Responses to Shiner Bock

  1. sharingbeer says:

    Thats funny. People here in Houston buy this stuff up like its Texas Tea. For the price of the stuff I would rate it a buy again. It is definitely comparable to Amber bock I agree with you there. The good thing about this beer is its good enough to have a flavor but not too good that you feel bad chugging after mowing the lawn.

  2. dugpark says:

    I can appreciate that. 🙂 Most every person I know from Texas is a fan. Some pride, I think, and some people just grow up on it is my guess.

  3. PMS says:

    Not a bad beer, but perhaps the worst of the Shiner products. It reminds of Amber Bock because they both caramel-colored beers, as opposed to true “bock” beers.

    MUCH better was last year’s limited edition Shiner 98 Bavarian Amber (a true bock), three years ago’s Shiner 96 Marzen, and the current Shiner 99 Munich Helles Style Lager. MUCH better!

    Even Shiner Blonde (similar to the old Shiner Premium) is considerably better than their Bock. Only the Shiner Light product is less satisfying than Shiner Bock.

    If you can find the Shiner 99, grab some.

  4. dugpark says:

    I wish I could take you up on the tasting of other Shiner products and will have to see what I can find in the area. There is a specialty beer store called Malt & Vine in Redmond, WA that might have some. If Shiner Bock is their least fulfilling, that bodes well for the rest of them, for sure. Thank you very much for the insight!

  5. simonpo says:

    Can we get some Texas people to bring us some, next time they come? Jam… are you reading??

  6. Jamoosh says:

    Ah Shiner Bock. First, it is not a real bock in the true sense of the style. Second, they actually use “bock beer coloring” to give it the deep color. That said, Shiner Bock is a good stepping stone beer to get people on the road to tasting quality beers in favor of the mass produced brews.

  7. dugpark says:

    I should have done a little more research, obviously… 🙂 Thanks for the info, Jamoosh. It is a good beer, I agree.

  8. DOrmann says:

    I live in Texas. When I eat at a restaurant in Texas, I always order Shiner Bock. If it is not available at that restaurant I will order a glass of water. What it boils down to is this: Shiner Bock is a local Texas beer, and, at the very least, Texas restauranteurs (whether they are part of California-owned chain or not) ought to support it by making it available for Texans that want it. If a restaurant in Texas refuses to do that, then I refuse to shrug it off make it appear as if its “okay.” It is NOT okay, and I’m not so addicted to beer with my dinner, that I can’t forgo their “Amber Bock/Ziegenbock” substitute for one evening in order to get my point across to them. When I eat out in Texas, its Shiner Bock or water. Remember the Alamo.

  9. dugpark says:

    That is what I love about Texas. Go big or go home! Thanks DOrmann.

  10. Rich says:

    As a genuine British beer drinker, I have to say that this is the first American beer that I have been happy drinking. Amber Bock will do in an emergency but there’s still something not quite right. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of the English beers (Bass and Bodingtons) that tend to get imported around these parts either (and they’re usually more expensive than the Shiner too).

    FWIW, my favorite beer is HSB (Horndean Special Bitter).

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I hear a Shiner calling me.

  11. Joe Cool says:

    Anyone know where in Portland I can find some Shiner?

  12. michelle ray says:

    Are you guys for real? This “beer” has a 4. something alcohol content. It isnt even stated on the packaging. No wonder it was cheap. Is this what “BigTexas” is all about? Jesus. Ill keep on buying REAL beer. Thanks. p.s. According to whatever Folkloreish information I had about BOCKS; they were the first release, a BIG celebration, and high in alcohol. cheers.

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