Samuel Adams White Ale

Sick kid tonight (puke everywhere), so not much time for the blog… in fact just about the 4 minutes this has taken so far + the 3 more I will spend writing and clicking publish.  Good thing I type about 80 words per minute… 🙂

Decided to enjoy Samuel Adams White Aletonight as I was feeling a bit seasonal with it being a grey spring day.  At least we had a bit of sunshine.  First thing I noticed was the great golden color… second was that this was pretty cloudy… somewhat like some of the other unfiltered beers we have tasted here.  The taste, then, didn’t surprise me as several different fruits and some spices assaulted my mouth… citrus, melon, and a bit of spice that was southeast Asian in nature.  Not sure if that is right, but that is what comes to mind, so now you have it.

Overall a good seasonal… very refreshing… enough so that I would buy it again and enjoy it on a nice *sunny* spring day.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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I'm really just happy to be here on this wild ride we call life.
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2 Responses to Samuel Adams White Ale

  1. I agree with your take on this beer. It is a good choice for a nice sunny day! (Not sure about drinking it after a pukey kid though! You have a solid stomach!)

  2. dugpark says:

    Iron gut the day of… can’t say the same for the day after. Depends on a couple of factors, of course. i.e. how much and of what. 🙂

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