Miller High Life – The Champagne of Beers

  • Dug: Po, what kind of beer should we have for our 100th beer today?
  • Po: I think I will have champagne.
  • Dug: Ahhh… we should have the champagne of beers, then… Miller High Life!
  • Po: Alright then…

And so it was that tonights beer and the 100th beer posted on this blog just so happens to be the champagne of beers itself, Miller High Life. <applause>

Nothing says high class like the macro-goodness of this wonderful beer.  I even found myself wonder if I really was drinking beer or if they had accidentally filled these wonderfully golden cans with Dom Perignon!

Either way… a classy beer for a classy occassion.


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I'm really just happy to be here on this wild ride we call life.
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10 Responses to Miller High Life – The Champagne of Beers

  1. Paul Garrard says:

    It’s hardly the Champagne of beers if it comes in a can!
    Not having access to this beer I don’t know but I’m assuming it’s dead beer as well – another disqualification on the Champagne front.

  2. dugpark says:

    It is the champagne of beers I tell you!!

  3. chappy says:

    The absolute best beer for the money around today,even better in the bottle and ice cold.As errol morris would say that’s living the high life-$6.17 a 12 pack in the bottles-Unbeatable!!!

  4. dugpark says:

    Amen to that brother!!

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  6. miller high is the besst thing that has ever hppened to me personally

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  8. johnlovesbud says:

    mhl is for pussies and queers. anhueser busch for life! but then again i will drop a few extra bucks to enjoy my beer. but thats just me. Or spend the same amount on a case that i could get a subway sub for. in wich case i choose subway due to the arrogant but also true satisfaction that subway DOES NOT taste like piss

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