Sheaf Stout

From the same folks that bring us Fosters and Victoria Bitter comes Sheaf Stout.  Probably the most remarkable and wonderous thing about this beer is that there is absolutely no web page to be fond on the Fosters Website… Not sure if they are trying to hide this one from folks or what, but it is missing. 

Ah well… life moves on and so will I from this beer.  While it was rated as a top 50 beer to have before you die on The Brew Site, I would have to say I would have been just fine without it.  To each their own, though.

The good and the bad… the good: a truly dark stout that I couldn’t see through at all, good stout taste, relatively inexpensive.  The bad: very strong, not smooth, very hoppy, almost to rough for my liking, no head.  Overall, an average at best stout.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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32 Responses to Sheaf Stout

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  2. shaun clougherty says:

    does anyone know where i could buy Sheaf Stout?

  3. dugpark says:

    Where do you live and we will see if we can help you out… email us if you don’t want to post…

  4. spacemonkey says:

    I’m in Howe Tx. near Sherman or Dallas. I cant find it here either. Please help I miss this beer very much, and would like it to come home. I can change.

    Thank You,


  5. dugpark says:

    I am on the hunt… 🙂

  6. Alec Andrews says:

    I am in Massachusetts and I would LOVE to be able to find this beer again, apparently it isn’t available through the distributors here anymore for some peculiar reason. I am under the impression that it is distributed by Miller in the USA and I was able to confirm that by a lengthy phone call to customer service at Miller. They were however unable to tell me where I could purchase the beer. Any and all help would be appreciated.


    • shayne says:

      It’s available in the Pacific Northwest at regular grocery stores. But, try Whole Foods out your way…they might be your best bet.

  7. dugpark says:

    The folks at Fosters got back to me and gave me the following information:

    Sheaf Stout – ‘Allied Beverage’ in Ventura, California carry Sheaf Stout. They can be contacted on: (805) 644 2201

    They also said that we can email the folks at Miller for more info… maybe their email team has more info than their phone reps… 🙂 Email:

    I leave it up to you fine folks to use this information wisely. Please post a comment on your experience, if you don’t mind!

  8. Alec Andrews says:

    Well I have sent off an inquiry to the Miller email team and I shall report back any info should they deem it appropriate to answer me.


  9. nostawetan says:

    I thought about the same thing that you did about this beer. Normally I can pick up something unique from most beers I drink…but not this one. It was lack-luster to say the least.

  10. cyril says:

    When I was in Australia no one had heard of it. Could not find it anywhere

  11. Sheaf is an old beer, a leftover, that somehow survived when all the independent breweries in Australia were bought up in the 1980s by the two giants we have today (Fosters and Lion Nathan who between them control 95% of the Australian beer market).

    It’s been getting harder and harder to find the last five years, even here in Sydney. In 2000 most bottle shops (liquor stores) would have it down the back of the fridge, and the odd pub would have it on tap. Now you never, ever see it on tap and most liquor stores don’t have it either.

    I suspect that it was popular with an older generation who are mostly passing on by now and that Fosters are planning to let it die out although I have no proof of this.

    • dugpark says:

      Thanks for the info, Stuart. Very interesting that you find it hard to come by across the water yet I was just in Albertson’s yesterday and there it was on the shelf… 🙂 Thanks for reading!


  12. D.H.Dean says:

    What I like most about Sheaf Stout is exactly the opposite what dugpark posted in his initial post.

    “very strong, not smooth, very hoppy, almost to rough, and not much head.”

    This Beer is the closest to the most wonderful home brew by one of the finest home brewers I have ever met.

    It comes closest to what a fantastically robust dark brew should be, in my humble opinion, but then I love a dark brew that not only knocks when first enjoyed and then leaves with a “Your Welcome” finish.

    Each to his or her own.

    I have to get it from out of state where I live and will gladly pay any or modestly unreasonable cost to obtain anytime.

    • Sqook says:

      Right on, brother. I’ve been a long time fan of the Sheaf. I drank it in the early 1990s but the distributorship got cut in the midwestern USA – ouch. I moved to Seattle in 2007 and, lo and behold, Sheaf’s in many corner stores and grocers – yet another reason I love Seattle.

      Yeah, I like a beer that has some backbone and directness. I like lots of kinds of beer, but I find this to have a unique vibe I dig. I find it to be a stable drinker, and it definitely has that “old man’s beer” quality to it. It’s not artisan, craft beer. It’s just straight-up BEER. I dig the craft stuff too, but there’s something about an honest, solid bottle of beer; that, to my mind, is the soul of Sheaf.

      • dugpark says:

        Thanks for the read and post! I need to go buy some more… so many folks love this that my taste buds must have been off on tasting day. 🙂

  13. Andy says:

    I’m glad to know Sheaf is still available somewhere in the US. I drank it in the early ’80s, but haven’t seen it in at least 25 years. The local BevMo didn’t know what I was talking about. It was called Tooth’s Sheaf Stout when I first drank it (Tooth & Co. Limited). Good stuff.

  14. Dustin H says:

    It has been on the shelf in Maumee OH (Andersons Store) for as long as I can remember. I have taken a liking to it lately. It’s 2.69 for a lg bottle (guess would be 16+ oz). I can ask who they get it from as the beer/wine guys are older and always helpful. Is it legal for me to ship it to anyone?
    Thanks, Dustin

  15. Eric says:

    Who ever wrote this post should probably stick to a golden lager because this stout has all the ingredients it needs. In Portland, Oregon you can get it at most of the bigger grocery stores and it’s priced a little below average but tastes way above. Deep dark and flavorful, it’s my choice when I want a stout.

  16. lovesheafstout says:

    Does any one know of a source for
    sheaf Stout in the San Diego Ca. area?
    I was just up in Northern Calif., (Arcata, Ca.), and it is easy to find there. I sure love that beer!

  17. Tom says:

    I’m like all the rest drank Sheaf Stout for years loved it. Then it started being harder and harder to find in Denver. I’d love another bottle or ten. Anybody know if it’s sold in Denver??? Thanks.

  18. Dustin Horn says:

    If you wanted I could ship it to anyone interested. It’s $2.69 a bottle. I look to make no profit. Let me know if anyone is interested.

    • Maria Salatti says:

      If you’re still willing to ship Sheaf Stout, I’d be interesed. I don’t even know if it’s legal to do so. Let me know. Thanks!

      Maria Salatti
      9717 Cypressmede Drive
      Ellicott City, MD 21042

      • bryan says:

        mill creek wa state central market beer and wine dept migh ship a case if you arrange ups pickup. also try black poss porter from poland also a black stout but not so coffee flavored and samuel smiths imperial stout. should consider brewing your own though its not THAT hard just need toasted grain.

    • bryan says:

      thats very beneficent of you im impressed. better yet we should find a stor that would ship a case.

  19. SheafStoutLover says:

    I love this stuff! We have it here in northern New mexico. You can find it at Kokomon’s in Pojoaque, Saints and Sinners in Espanola and pretty much any respectable packaged liquor in Santa fe. Great stuff! I dont know what the reviewer was going on about.

  20. Chuck says:

    outback steak house serves sheafs stout but i cant find a local distributor here in indianapolis

  21. bryan says:

    ok heres the thing about this beer there is a WORLD!!!!!!!!!!! of differance between the fresh beer and a beer two weeks on the shelf. the reason is the twist cap its not on very hard and will be the easiest twist off cap u ever used you might even wonder if theres something wrong with it. this isuppose is so the bottel doesnt explode or something which also allows the cabonation to escape and some oxidsation to occur. this is all si upposition though but old sheaf is hardly worth drinking. so always grab your bottel from the back of the shelf or even get the clerk to give you warm bottles. if a stor used to carry it but doesnt their vedor can probably get it. what happens is some guy like me likes it and buy it all the time. then we swithc beers or stores or move and thers ze5ro sales so they discontinue it. but if they usedf to carry it you can probably buy a case. in the puget sound aREA I HAVE BOUGHT IT AT FRED MEYER, CENTRAL MARKET AND A SAFEWAY HERE AND THERE. any good specialty beer store should carry it if they dont ask if y they can find it . ask to talk to the wine guy at the store ( even fred meyer has a wine guy) if they say we used to hacve it but it stopped selling ask if they can order a case. if its fresh and you love stout you wont regret it. im drinking it right now. yum. i swear its %7 alcohol. absolutly the best beer buzz. drink two bottels for your birthday, drink it with chocolate coffe and hazelnuts. wearr a woody musky cologne. smoke a pipe. you could probably die just from overindulging your nose.

  22. bryan says:

    a good place to find ggod beer is in amajor city near a major university especially if they have fraternities.

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