Redhook Blackhook Porter

Ah… what a crazy Easter Sunday.  A fun filled day of cooking, eating, hanging out with friends, more cooking, more eating, a beer, a movie, and the blog.  Tonight’s choice was the only beer of the day… Redhook Blackhook Porter.  A fine, mellow porter that tasted just right with the home made tamales that I slaved away making for most of the day.  At least I was making tamales when I wasn’t at the neighbors enjoying their fine spread of turkey, chicken, asparagus, red beans and rice, pasta salad, potatoe salad, rolls, garlic bread, veggie trays, home made ice cream, strawberry shortcake, brownies, and that is about it.

This truly was a mellow porter.  It is rather low on the ABV at just over 5% and you can definitely taste the smokiness and hoppy bitterness that generally comes with the territory.  It didn’t have much of a head and if you held it up to the light, you could see through it to some degree.  A good beer, but not a stand out for sure.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road



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