Kirin Ichiban

Coming in at over 100 years old, Kirin Ichiban hit the right spot tonight as the day came to a close.  A long day that started at 5am and is coming to a close now, I really needed something that would go down smooth with a super solid flavor… that came in a cold can. 🙂

I think this has to be my favorite Japanese beer so far… at least out of Asahi and Sapporo.  I haven’t had any of those that Po has rated, but I think they stand in a different league anyhow.  Kirin seemed to have just the right lager taste to it… not to watered down, but definitely not bitter.  It had a very golden color to it, much like the can it came in, a perfect sized head, and just a rock solid taste.  I will definitely buy this again… any time of year.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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