FireStation5 Golden Brigade Blonde Ale

Likely the last beer post for about 1.5 weeks as we take the brood to Utah and Idaho to visit some family.  If I get the chance, I will get some local flavors up here, but not sure if they have the internet in either of those states yet, so we will see.

FireStation5 Golden Brigade Blonde Ale comes from another brewery that doesn’t know what the internets are used for.  Ah well, here is the goods…  Label: “You’re assured of great taste!” and “Blonde is light in color and body with a rich flavor.”  Looks like they are out of Ukiah, CA.

The beer pours nice and light, looking like it is going to be an ale, but the flavor comes through pretty true.  Not much of a head, although I tried.  The taste is light but has some kick.  The kick almost verges on the realms of bitter, though, which pulls this one back from being anything but Middle of the Road.  An average beer (sorry Dave!)

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road



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