Red Stripe Jamaican Lager

Ok… last beer of the day.  For some reason, Ryan thought this should be the 6-pack that he would purchase, so we have 4 Red Stripe Jamaican Lager beers sitting in the fridge after no one wanted any more.  Now, he liked it and so did some others, so I won’t bash it too much, but as far as good beer goes, this just isn’t it… sorry folks.  Maybe if I were in Jamaica with some dreads and a lawn chair on the beach, but since I am not, this one weill have to go into the middle… tart, rough, bad after taste, what else can I say. 🙂

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road



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2 Responses to Red Stripe Jamaican Lager

  1. Brian says:

    red stripe is the best beer. you can let it get warm and it will still taste good. it is a heavy, sweet lager that is only for people who actually like the taste of beer and not shitty popular beers like miller, bud light, natty light or keystone light. Among all the beers i have tasted: Samuel Adams-winter lager=best, red stripe=2nd best. Final.

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