Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve

Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve was tasted last night but just getting to this as I was really, really tired for some reason.  Actually, I think it was the 4 other beers that got me there after a good night of shooting .22 caliber pistols at an indoor shooting club event in Logan, UT.  Being my first time and all, my 32 out of 37 wasn’t so bad, I figure… I will do better next year. 🙂

As far as this beer goes, I went into it with high expectations (Rogue hasn’t let me down yet) and I wasn’t dissapointed.  A good dark ale with plenty of hoppiness and winter spice, this one didn’t dissapoint.  To top it all off, since it isn’t really winter anymore, they sold me the bottle for $0.99.  I should have bought them all!  I rate this one right up there near the top of the winter ales we have had on the blog with the Full Sail and Sierra Nevada.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again



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2 Responses to Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve

  1. Rogue Ales says:

    Score! Wow you got a great price on some really good brew. Better run back and see what’s left! Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for telling everyone about Santa’s Private Reserve. Drink all you want…we’ll make more!
    Rogue Ales

  2. dugpark says:

    Thanks to you, Rogue Ales… 🙂 Very cool that you guys are reading blogs about your brews and very glad you will keep making it. As you can see, we like our beer here and are hoping all future Rogue ales satisfy just as much.


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