Wasatch Polygamy Porter

Ahhhh… last Utah beer of the trip.  This was actually tasted a few days ago, but I remember it pretty well.  As this was my last beer to taste, I thought I would make sure I nailed the review, so I took a few notes.  Here are my tasting notes for Wasatch Polygamy Porter

  • Clean and smooth
  • A light porter, not to strong or heavy at all
  • Very easy to drink
  • Hoppy but not overly done
  • Slight roasted flavor

Overall, I think Wasatch and Squatters came through at about 60/40 bad beer to good.  Not bad, but not good either.  I am glad I was able to find some beer worth drinking and that I finally have some understanding of the differences between Utah beer and some of the less restrictive states.  We came through it with a lot of beer tasting, but definitely worth it and a lot of fun. 

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again



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