Spaten Optimator

After a long absence, today brought happy news to the Home of Po in the shapely form of a pint bottle containing fine and tasty double bock – a bottle of Spaten Optimator, to be precise. The more double bock I drink, the more I like it, and clearly I’m not alone. Spaten have been knocking out beer “since 1397”, according to the label. And no, that’s not a typo – man, they really know their stuff.

Optimator is a deep brown glassful of fairly heavy malty goodness, brewed (but of course) with the nothing but the purest ingredients. It’s tasty, too – molasses, malt, something sugary and burnt at the back of my mind – it’s all good, and very easy to drink. A little too easy, considering it’s over seven percent abv… oops! No wonder their web site spends a while extolling the health virtues of beer. Did you know, for example, this:

A scientific study undertaken at the Technical University of Munich concluded that the collection of minerals and trace elements in beer have a favorable effect on nerves and muscle strength, electrolyte usage, enzyme activation and hormone levels.

Probably not! But now you do – and there’s more facts over there that prove that beer’s not just nice, it’s actually really good for you. If it was all as good as this, I’d probably believe them.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again

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2 Responses to Spaten Optimator

  1. Barry says:

    Optimator (or Doppel Spaten, its original name) is one of my favorite dark beers. One of my saddest days was when I tripped on my way home from the store and broke a bottle of this.

    • dugpark says:

      Regardless of the beer, dropping adn breaking a bottle is a tragic circumstance. I can only imagine dropping one such as this… I just shed a tear in memory of that fine bottle. It will live on in our hearts.

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