Deschutes Brewery Cinder Cone Red

Deschutes Brewery Cinder Cone Red.  Tonights beer of choice to be had with a dinner consisting of a pastrami turkey sandwich with Valentina-mayo, 4 dino chicken nuggets, and some apple slices.  Still making it through some sickness with the kids, so formal meals have been pretty inconsistent the last few days. 

So… had a great beer from Deschutes the other day in their Green Lakes Organic Ale.  Was expecting some good stuff tonight and they delivered again for the most part.  Taking into consideration the $1.17 price tag on this little bottle, it is probably a pretty good taste-value ration, actually, but taking money out of the equation this is just an ok beer.  Minimal head, good dark amber color, and one hell of a kick from the hops.  Really a lot of flavor, but I was looking for the smoothness of the Green Lakes, to be honest.  A good beer, but wouldn’t be a top choice when browsing the beer section.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road

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2 Responses to Deschutes Brewery Cinder Cone Red

  1. vinicultured says:

    Have you ever tried their Black Butte Porter? It’s great–not too much of that metallic tang at the end that I find in many other porters. Creamy, smooth, and refreshing.

  2. dugpark says:

    I have tried their porter some time ago, but I don’t remember the taste, to be honest. It is definitely on the list. 🙂

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