Alaskan Amber

So, we have a bunch of folks in from around the world visiting our fine corner of the US this week.  Good to see everyone and made me wonder if I would get a chance to keep up with the blog… no worries, though… always time to enjoy another cold one.  They brought in a shipment of the big bottles of Alaskan Amber a last week to Fred Meyer, so I had to grab one.  I have always been a fan and I knew I would like this one, so it was a no brainer to spend the $2.69. 

Alaskan Amber has to be one of the staple amber beers out there… at least for this neck of the woods.  Good price, good beer.  It isn’t the smoothest amber you will ever taste, but it is mild enough to make it very, very easy to drink.  Not much of a head, a good amber color, and a solid mix of malt and hops and this one easily makes it into the fridge time and time again.  Highly recommended.

JBB6 Rating: For the Win

Post Script:

Tonight I spent some time checking out some other beer blogs out there.  Take a look at these folks and their ratings if you want a different opinion:

Also check out this popular beer blog just for kicks:

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    2. It’s a fine beer. I like it a lot.

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