Snoqualmie Spring Fever

Fell a little behind last night after a night out on the town made me too tired to type.  Pretty much just walked in the door, got in my jammies, and slithered on into bed.  This morning came way too soon.  Last night was worth it, though… good food, good drinks (really good beer), and good folks. 

As we sat down, I learned our options for tap brew at Gaston’s in North Bend, WA, were rather limited.  Stella (I can’t believe we don’t have this fine beer on here yet… shame on us), something nasty like Bud, and Snoqualmie Spring Fever.  I figured it would be best to go with the latter since our last review of Snoqualmie Falls Brewing’s Wildcat IPA was quite positive.  Either way, it was a fine choice.

Without knowing anything more than the name, I could definitely tell that this was Belgian Style… the fermentation is what does it, I think… either way…  it was very strong on the first sip, but that was the only one.  Every gulp after that just got better and better.  Potentially because of the 7% alcohol content, or it just took that first sip to clean the palate.  Coming out of the tap, it had a small head, a cloudy finish, and strength in its malt and hops.  A very approachable Belgian Style, though, much like New Belgium’s Trippel.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again

Ah… and you wonder where the picture comes from if it was on tap at the restaurant… well… I had actually picked up a bottle 2 days ago and just hadn’t got to it yet.  What amazing foresight…


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