MacTarnahan’s Black Watch Cream Porter

Long day yesterday.  Woke up too early so had to sleep in my car to get enough energy to make it in to the office… it is actually quite comfortable in there.  I just set the phone alarm for a 25 minute early morning power nap and I am good to go. 

So… after a long day like this, I always look forward to the beer of the night.  I have about 8 or 9 different ones in there now and basically just pulled from the front, resulting in one MacTarnahan’s Black Watch Cream Porter.  I like truly creamy beer… ones that deliver on their name like the Sam Adams Cream Stout we tasted in Utah.  So, being the trusting person that I am, I fully expected this to be creamy and dark…

Well… much to my dismay, the dark was right but there was nothing creamy about it.  It tasted pretty much like an unremarkable porter that could have come from anywhere.  I should have known they wouldn’t live up to their advertising after the Oregon Honey Beer fiasco of 2008, but what can I say?  I really wanted creamy goodness…

UPDATE: I have done it again!  I have started to review a beer that is already on the blog… grr…  Here it is:

Had the chance to enjoy a cold one and take a walk outside the other day, so I thought I would take some festive pics… here is the first… Mac’s Balckwatch Cream Porter in the setting of a Christmas Light drum set.  Very festive, indeed! 

The festive spirit was good even before I opened this dandy little number and only improved with it.  Roasted malt, coffee and chocolate, and tongue tingling with some good carbonation.  This cream porter isn’t exactly creamy, but it is tasty and they did a good job in keeping it malty yet edgy.  This is a pretty well respected beer around these parts for a reason.  Nice work folks!

New picture below, as well… and new rating… my tastes have changed… 🙂

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road (4/18/08)

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again (12/10/08)


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One Response to MacTarnahan’s Black Watch Cream Porter

  1. chuwyboy says:

    Just had it. Nothing special, no.
    Dissapointment, really.
    Will chekc your site more when I have time.

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