Redhook Long Hammer IPA

Came home just a bit early today to meet a man about a fence.  While waiting, I decided to go with one of the filler beers from the other day, so I chose Redhook Long Hammer IPA.

First, let me say that I really do like most of the Redhook brews that I have tasted.  They do a pretty good job for the amount of beer they brew.  Let me also say that this isn’t one of those beers… at least not in the bottle.  I seem to remember visiting their brewery several years ago and really liking this beer, but tonight it just didn’t sit right.

First, this was a very light IPA.  Probably one of the lightest I have seen.  Second, it just didn’t have that general IPA duality that is hard on the intitial swig, but soft on the way down.  Instead, this one just kind of stayed hard but underwhelmingly so… to the point that it just kind of muddles around in your mouth wondering what type of impression it should leave.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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