Sterbl Stout Dry Irish Stout

For history on this post, check out our review of Sammamish Pale Ale

Unnamed beer number two or Sterbl Stout a dry irish stout was our second beer from our good friend Mr. Sterling Blackheart.  We were all feeling pretty good about where we had just been with his pale ale, so on to the stout.

If I learned one thing and one thing only after having two of Sterling’s brews… he knows his stuff.  Really… I figured one great beer could be a fluke (although I didn’t really think that, really) but after I was blown away by his Sterbl Stout, I knew we had a beer-friend for life. 

I promise you that I am not just blowing smoke anywhere because I was fed free beer.  I have more integrity than that and we talked about it.  Sterling wanted the truth… good, bad, or ugly, and he was going to get it.  Thing is, this is another great beer. 

Sterbl Stout is a super-dark, super-smooth stout that has hints of smoke but no burnt taste.  A muddy brown head kept to the top of the brew while the taste settled in light and easy.  You could definitely drink this beer any time of year, any weather.  It wouldn’t have to be cold or wet outside in the least.  I even heard it called that this was better than Guinness, which I agree… a bit of a different ballpark, but much more flavorful while still being silky soft.

Facts and info:

  • 5.9 ABV
  • Yakima Magnum Hops (double the amount in his pale ale)
  • Recipe based on one from, but with some “improvements”
  • 42 IBU
  • Another super-smooth brew

JBB6 Rating: For the Win

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