JW Dundee’s Original Honey Brown

Second beer to taste at beer o’clock today was JW Dundee’s Original Honey Brown.  I am a sucker for trying honey lagers and picked this up at QFC in Sammamish a week or two ago.  Sad to say this didn’t go much for me, but at least it was a decent beer.  Just not what I was expecting based on the title. 

JW Dundee’s is a brewery in New York that only makes 4 beers and this was their first… not bad, as noted, but just nothing really to write about.  Pretty standard brown… no real note of honey, 4.5% ABV.  No tipping either way toward malt or hops.  Just a real middle of the road kind of experience.  So far, honey beer on the site follows about this from a stack rank perspective:

  1. Cypress Honey Lager
  2. JW Dundee’s Original Honey Brown
  3. MacTarnahan’s Oregon Honey Beer

Still looking for that ultimate honey beer/lager, though…

9/14/08 UPDATE: Through further reading… discovered that this is actually a brand that falls under the Highfalls Brewing Company umbrella.  I am sure others in the area new this, but from 3000 miles away it just wasn’t clear right away. 🙂

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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7 Responses to JW Dundee’s Original Honey Brown

  1. chipperdave says:

    This beer was the 1st honey brown I had ever tasted several years ago and I admit I liked that beer a lot. It’s been ages since I’ve revisited this beer. I’ve noticed that as I tend to drink more and more imperial type beers that the old browns and porters are starting to lose some of their appeal.

    If you want to try a good honey lager, try the one from Samuel Adams. It’s good brew.

  2. dugpark says:

    Ah… Samuel Adams honey… I *will* have to try that… I like their brews. It isn’t that I didn’t like this beer, I guess, I would drink it again… I just don’t think I would buy it again. 🙂

  3. Josh Plakal says:

    This is one of the best tasting Honey beer, even though I have tasted Samuel Adams, I felt this is better tasting than Samuel Adams honey

  4. dugpark says:

    2nd recommendation. I have to hunt down the Sam Adams honey now. Thanks for reading.

  5. Observer says:

    I don’t agree – I think this beer is wonderful, and I think Sam Adams is generally unpalatable. This beer is extremely smooth tasting, and I’ve found that even people who are non-beer drinkers can enjoy its taste.

    • Bruce says:

      On the money! I wish that Sam had stayed with his coopersmithing, rather than screw up the good name of beer. Actually, in the OLD Dundee Honey Brown, you could tip up the bottle and the first sip was pure honey. Now it tastes as if they have changed the recipe, but I drive to another state to purchase this.

  6. Father McGee says:

    Sam Adams is no way a competitor to this brew; I agree, SA is generally unpalatable and overhyped. This honey has been around a long time, is a good value for the price, is a good brew and good for an occasional different glass, and do not compare it to dark stout or porters. That is unfair. It is what it is, and so are those others.

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