Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

Had some good beer o’clock beer at the office today as an end of *my* workweek wind-down.  First up was another beer from our friends at Samuel Adams.  These folks have had a good showing on the blog and today is going to be no exception.  Another beer from their Brewmaster’s Collection, Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat graced the desk today. 

At 5.35% ABV, their Cherry Wheat isn’t a strong beer, but it makes up for that in complexity and full flavor.  No glass, but even smelling through the bottle produced some good cherry aroma.  So… first taste hit and hit hard.  Moderately strong cherry flavor but not sweet… more like a good, fresh cherry pie that was home made and not with a lot of sugar so a bit of the cherry tartness remained.  Definitely not the candy or cough syrup cherry flavor that I am just not a big fan of.  Cherry led to a solid wheat beer undertone to finish off the mouthful and leave a very pleasant aftertaste. 

There were some pretty mixed emotions on this, but one of the tasters in the room that usually doesn’t like beer thought this was good stuff.  Another member of the team that had polished off 4 over the last week 🙂 also thought this was great.  Better than great, actually.  I will absolutely buy this again… a six pack, for sure.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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4 Responses to Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

  1. lona seymour says:

    where can i buy it

  2. dugpark says:

    Where do you live? We bought this at QFC in Sammamish, WA… 🙂

  3. TheScrew says:

    Just got this one recently in a Sam Adam’s variety pack. I really liked it. The cherry flavor didn’t really hit me at first. I tasted it more in the after taste. I wouldn’t buy a whole case of this, but I would definitely pick it up in a 6-pack.

  4. dugpark says:

    This is probably one of the better cherry beers I have had. Not quite Kasteel Rouge, but for the money this is very good stuff. Thanks for reading!

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