Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve

TGIF for sure today.  Took a day off from work to chill, watch the kids, and let the wife go away for the night.  All in all a good day… sunny, not too cold, good fun with the kids and neighbors.  Very relaxing.  For some reason, I was craving a beer at about 10am, but thought that was a bit early so I resisted. 

Ended up opening my first brew around 4pm and wanted to start lighter, so went with the Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve.  I still think Henry’s is one of the best cheap beers around and this is no exception.  While no incredible depth of charactor or distinguishing malt or hop flavors, this is a good solid lager.  Straight forward taste with nothing too distinguishing.  Out of the bottle goodness at less than $0.75 a bottle. 🙂

From their website:

Malts: North American Select Pale Malt
Hops: Pacific Northwest Cascade Hops
Calories/12 oz: 150
Carbohydrates (g): 13.0
% Alcohol by Vol: 4.80
Bitterness Units: 15.0

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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4 Responses to Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve

  1. william mandeville says:

    i can not find your beer any were in covnia ca please tell me were can i mbuy your beer

  2. dugpark says:

    Hey there. If you go to their website and click on Henry’s Distributors at the top, you will see lists of distributors by state. There are a bunch for California… looks like there is a distributor in Pomona, for instance… here is there info. Good luck!

    Classic Distg. & Bev. Group Inc.
    Pomona, CA

  3. Greg Hansen says:

    To Mr. Wm Mandeville,
    When we lived in Temple City (for folks who don’t know this area of Los Angeles County, these two cities are in the San Gabriel Valley. Temple City is approximately 14 miles due east of downtown Los Angeles City. Covina is located about another 10 miles, or so further east.)
    I always bought My “Henrys” at “Ralphs” located on Las Tunas Dr., between Rosemead and Baldwin in Temple City proper. Also, theres a drug store on the corner of Las Tunas and El Monte (actually just in Arcadia’s city limit), I think it’s a “Rite-Aid” or some such chain which carries (or did up to four years ago) Henry’s “Private Reserve.”
    We presently live in Idaho and all of “Henry Weinhard’s” brews are readily available.
    Good hunting!

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