Sapporo Reserve

Hmm, Sapporo Reserve. I was really looking forward to this one – the can’s a very classy curvy shape that was nice to stroke, hold, and sit on my deck in the sun with… and I have developed a little bit of a penchant for Japanese beer of late. So I had very high hopes.

Alas, the can was probably the best thing about this beer. It looks pretty when you pour it into the glass, and keeps it’s carbonation well enough. But I can make pretty bubbly things with a chemistry set, and they’ll be more fun because they’ll possibly catch on fire or explode. This beer did neither. It tasted smelled and tasted just like factory lager. I don’t think I’ll bother reviewing macro-brew lagers out of tins any more. It’s pointless.

Nice cans, though.

JBB6 Rating: Middle Of The Road

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