Bear Republic Racer X IPA

Sixth beer of the night at Monk’s CafeSee here for original post.

Bear Republic Racer X – On Tap

Last tap beer of the night.  Bear Republic Racer X out of California.  This one isn’t on their website, so not sure if it is special release, to be honest.  I think I recall that it is… let me know if you know, would you?

Anyhow, this was a good IPA.  Not too hoppy as I recall (and noted), but good none-the-less.  I do remember how soft it felt… the body was medium but the finish was nice and soft on the taste buds.  I had this really interesting aroma that I characterized as earthy on my tasting notes because I couldn’t quite put another word on it.  Big head with fruity taste.

A good beer that I would definitely have again.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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One Response to Bear Republic Racer X IPA

  1. The Belly says:

    Had this as the freebie on a Horizon Flight from Medford to Portland. This is a solid IPA I like it a lot.

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