Kennebunkport Apricot Wheat Beer

This is a sneaky beer… similar to my time working at the cheese factory, it appears as though The Sea Dog Brewing Company likes to slap different labels on the same product (Alberstons and the higher end cheese brands used the same cheese! no lie!).  Anyhow, once I found their website, I could see it was the same stuff… they also share a common brew pub in Federal Jack’s Restaurant in Kennebunkport, Maine. 

So now that we know a bit about this low ABV (4.6%) wheat beer, lets find out how it tastes…

Kennebunkport Apricot Wheat Beer as the bottle I have is called, has a very apricot smell to it… I had the wife take a whiff and she actually thought it smelled good… which meant there wasn’t nearly enough beer in it, obviously. 🙂  The beer had a full apricot flavor to it, as well.  Not overpowering and not sweet, just a good, solid apricot taste that was very unassuming.  As I finished this beer off with my chicken and beef teriyaki, I realized that it really is pretty good stuff, but if you are looking for depth and complexity, you have come to the wrong beer.  This one is simple and is what it says. 

Would make for a good beer on a hot summer day, that is for sure.  Picked it up and Trader Joe’s and am thinking I will have to go back for more in the future. 

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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